Remembering A True Friend & Komrade!

Remembering A True Friend & Komrade! Edwin ‘Eddie’ Ellis Passes By Kyung Ji Rhee on  July 24, 2014  in News and Latest originally published by EastBrooklyn.comEastBrooklyn has learned that Edwin “Eddie” Ellis (72) has passed. Although, details of Ellis’ passing are unconfirmed, it is believed that Ellis may have passed away in the early morning hours of July 24, 2014, from a heart attack. Speaking of the news, longtime friend and…

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Support Parole 4 Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Support Parole 4 Dr. Mutulu Shakur

Please forward:

Dr. Mutulu Shakur is scheduled to have his next parole hearing on Tuesday,
August 12th.  Family and Friends of Dr. Mutulu Shakur have incurred legal
expenses in preparing for this hearing so we are calling on supporters
nationally and internationally to make contributions to help cover these
expenses.  Any excess funds will be used to support Dr. Shakur’s
transition out of prison.…

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California inmatez win class-action status over race-based treatment

California inmatez win class-action status over race-based treatment

By Paige St. John
July 24, 2014

A federal judge in Sacramento on Wednesday awarded class-action status to California prison inmates who allege that their rights are violated by what they say are widespread instances of race-based punishment.

Prison officials acknowledge they respond to outbreaks of violence by…

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July 26th Movement: On Thiz Day In History

July 26th Movement: On Thiz Day In History

On July 26th, 1953, a group of revolutionaries tried to take by force the Moncada Garrison in the city of Santiago de Cuba, said garrison was the second fortress in importance for the regime of Batista, whose main fort was Columbia, nowadays Ciudad Libertad ,a military fort converted into a school after the triumph of the Revolution.

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by D’jaun Barrow In regards to the prison censorship issue, I am just chiming in to let it be known…

by D’jaun Barrow

In regards to the prison censorship issue, I am just chiming in to let it be known that it isn’t a “nudity” thing (the California Department of Corrections’ new censorship regulations are disguised under the title “Obscene Material” – ed.); it’s a Black-Latino thing, period!

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi talks with prisoners in the seventh floor jail above his office in the Hall of Justice in downtown San Francisco. County Jail 5 is in San Bruno, 15 miles south of the City. – Photo: Lacy Atkins, San Francisco Chronicle

I’m not in prison, I’m in County Jail 5 in San Francisco, and it has even trickled down this far. Here we…

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Nwa Out Black August {Full Film}

Nwa Out Black August {Full Film}

This month and year mark the 34rd anniversary of the existence and observance of Black August, the movement that honors the radical resistance, resilience, and collective action of Afrikan peoples of the Diaspora. From the Haitian Revolution, to Underground Railroad, to the March on Washington, to the Watts uprisings, people of…

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Three-fifthz of an Attorney General Declarez POWs “Non-Personz”



Hand it to President Obama for appointing Eric Holder the first African American Attorney General in US history. Then try to fathom that after generations of civil and human rights work by African Americans — whom the US Constitutiononce called “3/5 of a person” — it is Holder who declared some brown skinned prisoners of war to be “non-persons.” The men are held outside…

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The Ethnic Cleansing of Amerika

The Ethnic Cleansing of Amerika


It began over a decade ago – subtle, quiet and unnoticeable.The media played it up as the result if the drug epidemic The public accepted it with the belief they would be safer. Ten years later, the state and federal governments continue to laud its accomplishment and urge expansion of the cleansing process. with over 800,000 Black men and women in jails and prisons, the ethnic cleansing of…

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Revolutionary Daily Thought

“Freedom is not something that anybody can be given. Freedom is something people take, and people are as free as they want to be”
James Baldwin

English: James Baldwin, Distinguished Visiting...

English: James Baldwin, Distinguished Visiting Professor at Miami Dade College (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Baldwin on Palestine

Originally posted on Marxist Marginalia:

I apologize for the rather meager fare which has been on offer here of late. A post is coming soon, I promise, on Richard Wright, communism, and the blues. Until then, here’s a passage from James Baldwin’s last novel, Just Above My Head (1978), in which he addresses the subject of terrorism.

I was traveling before the days of electronic surveillance,…

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